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- 6th June 2020

The third multi-instrumentalist single "Puzzle (De Profundis)" is released

- 2nd April 2020

It begin to collaborate for the musical part to the podcast "He said, she heard" di Mike Fox

- 1st April 2020

The second multi-instrumental single "Running away, inside the heart" is released.

- 2020

The first multi-instrumental single " Like the Water (Flow, Dig your way) " is released.


- 2019

Composition of musical pieces for the show

 "Assassini e Bancari" , taken from " Franco Quinto - Commedia di una banca" by Friedrich Dürrenmatt " .



"Music and migration: search for participatory music protocols in reception centers for asylum seekers "

Concert lessons of the project 'Identità Musicali', held within the Master in immigration, gender, family models and integration strategies of the University of Pavia .


- " Rock around the clock "

An hour of lessons - concert on the history of rock, starting from Alan Lomax's recordings of the songs of the prisoners of the Parchman penitentiary of the state of Mississippi up to the rock of the end of the last century, with the Officina della Musica .


- 2019

Ivan Ruge, Mattia Signaroldi Live in Montecarlo for the Promoitalia gala dinner.


- 2019

" Pezzi da Catasta"

Monologue/concert on 'The Adventures of Pinocchio' by Carlo Collodi, narrated by the publisher Guido Biagi.


- 2018

" Wonderful " - Lucky Fella

Music video "What a Wonderful World / Meraviglioso"


- 2018

Luceat Lux Vestra - The Musical

Musical based on a theological reflection on the relationship between God and man, composed by Francesco Sichera and Mattia Signaroldi.


- 2017

"Viens Voir"

Lessons - concert on the project " Musical Identities ", on the research of educational protocols based on musical activity inside the reception center for asylum seekers of Vigolzone (PC), with Elisa Tartaglia, Rossella Calvia, Clara Fanelli and the guys of the reception center 


- 2017

" Puzzle "

Theatrical, musical, choreutic and pictorial work on the relationship between God and man, by Mattia Signaroldi and Francesco Sichera.


- from 2016 to 2017

Musical and theatrical performances of " Lucky Fella " ;


- RiciclOrchestra

- La Via en Rose
- Mamma Sounds Good

- Dezzamore


- 2013

"La mela e la Rosa"

Readings and music on the figure of the woman in Dante Alighieri's "Comedy" , starting from Eva to get to the Virgin Mary, with Cristian Chiggiato, Sonia Caputo. Represented at the Cloister of the Milan Conservatory .



The history of rock ,

lesson / concert at the "Antonio Rosmini" high school in Trento and in Predazzo


- 2010

"Paradise" ,

composition of the soundtrack for the homonymous theatrical performance, performed at the "Santa Chiara" theater in Trento, and in Paganica.



The history of the blues

lesson / concert held in Predazzo


- from 2009 to 2011


Rock and blues musical group (second place at Trento Acoustic Festival, 2009 edition )


- 2009

" In the mind of a jew / Far far away "

Songs for Remembrance Day, Cinema Roma, Trento .


- 2007

"The illusion of the summit"

Soundtrack for the homonymous short film, presented at the Trento Film Festival.



- 2002

Chorister of the "FA Bonporti" Conservatory for the show " La Cenicienta ", represented at the Teatro Sociale in Trento and at the Malibran theater in Venice .